History pict

Assignments for the Week

*Study Island "Various Groups" and 30 questions

*IXL N.2 "Comparing the North and South

*Watch this Video   https://cdn.kastatic.org/ka-youtube-converted/H-EDcke6n9E.mp4/H-EDcke6n9E.mp4#t=0

Assignments for Week 2

*Study Island "Major Reform Movements" 30 Questions

*IXL N.3 "Antebellum Reform Movements"


Assignment for week 3

Study Island "Art, Music, & Literature" 30 questions

IXL N.4 "Antebellum Immigration"


Assignments For Week 4

*Study Island "Primary and Secondary Sources" 20 Questions

*IXL N.5 "Slavery in the South"

Assignments for Week 5

*Study Island "Analyzing History" 20 Questions

*IXL N.6 "The Abolitionist"

Assignments For Week 6

*Study Island "Places and Regions" 20 Questions

*IXL N.7 "Texas Independence and Annexation"