Pictures above are from our Gifted and Talented Field Trip to The National Ranching Heritage Center. 


Mrs. Stewart ~ Elementary Art & General G/T

Tamara Stewart 
(806) 428-3241

My name is Tamara Stewart. I am starting my eighth year at O'Donnell. I taught 3rd grade for five years and the past two years I have been the Elementary Art and General G/T teacher.

Art has always been a passion of mine. I studied visual and graphic arts when I was at Texas Tech. This year I will be teaching the students the elements of art, an understanding of art and most of all I want to inspire the students to be creative. I have many projects planned from the most simple design to each student working outside the box and using their imagination. I cannot wait to see what these amazing students can do. 

Our G/T pull out classes happen once a six weeks for these students. We will be working on research based projects per grade level. I am excited to see what these gifted / talented students are able to accomplish. 


Conference 8:30 - 9:30