Public Notices


Continuity of Service Plan ESSER II and III Funds

Family Engagement Plan

PreK Family Involvement Plan

2020-2021 Comprehensive Needs Report

District Improvement Plan 2020-2021

Teacher Incentive Allotment

O'Donnell ISD Translation Service Procedures 2019-2019

Bullying Reporting

O'Donnell Drug Policy

Student Wellness Policy Information

ESL Program Evaluation OISD 2018-2019

OISD TITLE IX Notification 2020-2021

Superintendent & Accountability                                                                           

Budget & Taxes

Local Government Debt Reporting

OISD Audits


Chapter 313 Agreement

Public Hearings & Meeting

O'Donnell ISD Check Registers

O'Donnell Utility Usage and Cost History

Non-Discrimination Posting

Political Subdivision Posting

Salary Schedules 

Child Nutrition Program - Procurement Plan

CIPA Internet Safety Plan

Policy/Procedure for Handling Complaints of Discrimination

Media Release for Free & Reduced-Price Meals

Child Nutrition Code of Conduct

Grading Policy Resolution

Bullying Addendum

Employee Rights and Responsibilities
      Accrediation Posting
      CATE Discrimmination Notice
     Non-Discrimmination Notice

Notice of Pest Control Treatment