Week of 3/30-4/3- Please watch the attached video:


            - Lesson 13-1 page 703, numbers 5-7.  Find the perimeter of each shape. Please use the attached note in the Seesaw or  take a picture and upload to  Seesaw.

            - Quick Check- Understanding Perimeter

            - IXL-  FF. 1


Week of 4/6-4/10 Please watch the attached video


-Lesson 13-4 and 13-6.  Complete page 721 and page 733

-IXL FF.6 

-IXL FF.11


Week of 4/14-4/17

-Watch lesson video posted in Seesaw

-Study Island Diagnostic Test(participation grade)

-Study Island Capacity and Weight (grade)


Week of 4/20-4/24

-Watch video in Seesaw

-Complete page 809 and upload a picture to Seesaw(graded, due Monday)

-Math IXL T. 2 (graded, due Tuesday)