Randall C Presley
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Randall C Presley

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1st period biology--Text @presleybi to 81010

2nd period chemistry--Text @presleyche to 81010

3rd period dual credit history--Text @presleydc to 81010

4th period biology--Text @presley4 to 81010

5th period chemistry--Text @presleych to 81010

7th period biology--Text @presley7t to 81010

8th period Robotics--Text @presleyr to 81010

Engineering--text @presleyen to 81010

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Chemistry--Biology--Robotics--US History...these are some of the things that I love about school.  This is my second year at  O'Donnell school system but I have been teaching for 12 years.  Before I was a teacher I worked as a shooting instructor, jeweler, case worker, farm hand and salsa cook.  

I graduated from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas.  I grew up in Abilene, Texas, but lived in California and Germany before I started school.  I love science and history but my favorite thing is hanging out with my wife and children.