Top 10 Accommodations that can be Implemented at Home:

  • Read with your student asking questions along the way. (i.e...Who are the characters, What is happening within the text?)
  • Review any unfamiliar vocabulary words within the text.
  • Allow students to draw a visual or make notes as they read to help them remember what has been read.
  • Allow students to complete learning in small increments. (i.e. single paragraph at a time, one story problem at a time, etc…)
  • Utilize any kind of household items as manipulatives to aid with counting or solving problems. (i.e. beans, pasta, etc…)
  • Allow extra time for tasks being asked.
  • Eliminate any distractors (i.e. outside noise, technology, etc…) to help your student focus on the task.
  • Encourage the student to verbalize as they work (i.e repeat directions, talk through the problem as it is solved, etc…)
  • Allow the student to use a highlighter or colored pencils to make notes or emphasize important information within the text.
  • Provide positive feedback as the student works through the material and provide support as needed. 

If your student receives special education services and is in a classroom to support their reading and math needs, the following online websites can be used to support learning at their instructional level. 

Readwell-Ticket to Read

VMath-VMath Live

Inside Algebra

Journeys-Vocab Journey

Reading at home with supports






Four County Shared Services Arrangement

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March 30, 2020


Dear Parents of students with disabilities,

In response to the COVID 19 health crisis, your child’s school will be implementing a distance learning platform for educational services. Some of this learning will take place through digital media and some will be provided in paper packets, depending upon individual student and family needs. As always, our students with disabilities will have access to all general education services as well as recommendations from their Individual Education Plans (IEP’s) plans.

We believe we will be able to implement most of these plans in the distance learning environment. There will be some instances (e.g., direct speech therapy, occupational therapy, and specialized learning environments) where we may not be able to fully implement your child’s IEP. We are examining each child’s plan to determine how best to proceed while the school buildings are closed. However, we do not want to proceed in any manner that would harm your child or put anyone at a health risk. Your child teacher and or therapist will soon be in touch to explain their individual distance learning plan as well as offer you and your student support during this time. We value your input to determine how best to proceed in light of the disruption of services due to the health crisis. You will have the option to accept the services or request a meeting to discuss your concerns. At this time, all meetings will be held through phone, zoom, or Google Hangouts to protect the health of everyone involved. Once we return to physical campuses, you may request that your child’s team meet to discuss any missed services during the time of distance learning.

Thank you for continuing to partner with us and allowing us to continue to help your student grow. Please contact your child’s monitoring teacher, diagnostician, therapist, or the special ed. department at any time if we can be of assistance to you.





Brandi Parker/Special Education Director