5th Grade Science


Week 7 Science Home Learning Plan

Assignments for the Week of May 11 - May 15, 2020


For this weeks assignment, you will take pictures of activities that you participate in throughout the week. 
Make sure you are in the pictures. 

Some examples of activities may include:
Making a picnic lunch

Helping prepare a meal
Washing dishes
Sorting or doing laundry
Cleaning your room
Organizing your closet
Washing the car
Mowing the grass
Taking out the trash
Playing a game outside or inside
Completing an online assignment
Taking a walk with family
Riding a bike 
Working with cattle or animals
Your choice 

You must choose 3 activities and send in at least 3 pictures (pictures must include you). You may also send videos, but 3 pictures are required. Pictures must be on separate pages so they are large enough for me to see. I will be saving these images and making a video to document the things that students were doing while learning from home during the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. 

Try to have this completed by Wednesday so we can talk about it in our zoom meeting.  

Have fun with this. You are making history. 


ZOOM Wednesday @ 3:00