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Band Online Classes.

Hey everyone!  I'm looking forward to bringing you a series of online band classes that will get us ready for next year!  We will be using our Facebook "O'Donnell Eagle Band" Page that we've been using for announcements and other informational purposes.  I've removed some of the filters that have required approval in the past so that your access can be move streamlined.

As with many of your other classes, please be patient as this is also new for me as well.  I am available by phone or email 24/7.  So I can answer any of your questions.

My plan is to record short lessons for you each day so that you can choose your own time to access them.  We'll be covering something about music theory such as counting rhythms, key signature study, and musical symbols.  We will also be viewing many musical excerpts on you tube for music appreciation.

I'll try to post something daily.  I want you to participate in as many of these lessons as possible.  We will see how things go so as not to overload you with too much information and work....but also to document your progress and participation as well.

Welcome to another exciting year for the O'Donnell Eagle Band Program!  I am starting my 18th year as a band director this year! 

I'm a 1981 graduate from Texas Tech University having taught for 3 years in 1981-83.  Following that I served full time in Army Bands on Active duty for 21 years as a professional trumpet player.  I also have studied music education at the University of Hawaii Graduate School in 2002-2005.